Cassata is a typical Sicilian dessert made with ricotta cheese, sugar and marzipan , covered with sugar icing and decorated with candied fruit and dried fruit. It is a very ancient sweet, which has undergone several evolutions over the centuries. THE HISTORY OF SICILIAN CASSATA The cassata has ancient origins, dating back to the period of Arab domination […]

what is sicilian caponata Caponata Siciliana is a typical sweet and sour vegetable salad originally from Sicily , which is served cold and often used as an appetizer or side dish. Its preparation involves cooking vegetables such as aubergines, tomatoes, onions, celery, peppers and olives in a sweet and sour sauce of vinegar and sugar. Thanks to its sweetness and the freshness of […]

WHAT IS SICILIAN CANNOLI The Sicilian cannolo is a typical dessert of Sicilian cuisine, consisting of a fried crunchy shell, filled with a ricotta and sugar-based cream, flavored with orange and/or lemon peel. The dessert is usually decorated with candied fruit and chopped pistachios. HISTORY OF SICILIAN CANNOLI The origin of cannoli siciliani is uncertain and a source […]

Arancini are one of the most loved and known dishes of the Sicilian culinary tradition. These are stuffed rice croquettes, generally meat sauce, mozzarella and peas, which are fried and served as an appetizer or main course. A bit of history about arancini The history of the arancini goes back to the period of the […]

WHAT IS PASTA ALLA NORMA Pasta alla Norma is one of the most representative dishes of Sicilian cuisine. It is a first course made with pasta, tomato, fried aubergines, basil and grated ricotta salata . It is a simple but very tasty dish, which combines Mediterranean flavors and aromas. HISTORY OF PASTA ALLA NORMA The name of this dish […]


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