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Sicilian bruschetta spices and dried products are the ideal choice to season your bruschetta to give it an extra pinch of goodness which, however, makes all the difference!

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Sicilian bruschetta can be prepared in different variations, using different ingredients to create unique flavours. An elaborate version could involve the use of warm crusty bread, seasoned with a mixture of spices and dried products. Furthermore, you can add a stuffing of tuna or anchovies, to give a more intense and savory flavor to the bruschetta. With the addition of olive oil and vinegar, a fresh and acidic note can be given.


Dried tomato sauce, chili, garlic, oregano, basil, salt.

Nutritional Values per 100g

Fat: 1.10g of which saturated 0.264g

Carbohydrates: 71g

of which sugars 3g

Proteins: 11,8g Protein

Salt: 1g

Our recipes

Bruschetta with eggplant patè and Spices and dried couscous cous products


Divide the eggplant in half and cut into pieces. Grease the aubergines, salt them a little and bake them at 180 ºC for 30 min. Blend the pulp with the oil and add the Spices and dried products. Season with salt, add vinegar and sugar and mix. Cover and place in the fridge for 10/20 min. Divide the slices of bread into pieces and toast. Spread the eggplant paté on the bread. Decorate with cherry tomatoes. Sprinkle the bruschetta with spices and dried products.




To make the bruschetta, start by cutting bread into thick slices. Grill or toast the slices of bread on a grill or in a toaster until they are golden and crisp. Chop or crush the garlic and rub the slices of hot bread with garlic, then season with a little olive oil. You can add ingredients to taste, such as diced cherry tomatoes, fresh basil, grated cheese, ham or smoked salmon. Serve hot and taste immediately.


To Bruschetta

With these spices and dried products, make your bruschetta irresistible. Try them now!

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